Karanja Keita Carroll

Karanja Keita Carroll, Ph.D. is currently a faculty member in the Department of Black & Latinx Studies at Baruch College (CUNY). His teaching and research interests revolve around African-centered theory & methodology, with an emphasis on social, political and psychological theory. Dr. Carroll considers himself an African-centered social theorist who is thoroughly committed to the African-centered imperative, one that is grounded in the creation and utilization of culturally-specific frameworks in order to understand and create solutions for humanity.  As an advocate of Prison Education, Dr. Carroll has also taught, held workshops and/or lectured in SCI-Chester, Shawangunk (NYSDOC), Sullivan (NYDOC) and Brookwood Secure Center (NYSDJJOY). Dr. Carroll is an organizer with the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, North East Political Prisoner Coalition and Black Alliance for Peace.  Dr. Carroll is fundamentally committed to “academic excellence and social responsibility” as originally articulated by the National Council for Black Studies. You can follow him on Twitter @KaranjaKeita.