Panel Forum for #AAIHS2020 Conference

The committee for the 2020 AAIHS annual conference recently released the CFP for submissions related to the theme, The Black Radical Tradition. As we explain in the CFP, we are happy to accept individual paper submissions but will give preference to those who submit full panels. In order to help facilitate this process, we want to use this post as a forum to bring scholars together who are interested in similar topics.

If you are interested in forming a panel, please add a comment below with your paper and/or panel idea(s). Be sure to include your email address so that others can easily reach you to follow-up. Also, if you are willing to chair or comment on potential panels you see listed here, please indicate that as well. For those who have already submitted individual papers, feel free to use this forum to form a panel, and we can withdraw the individual paper submission. Thank you for your interest in the AAIHS and our fifth annual conference. We look forward to reading your proposals!

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Comments on “Panel Forum for #AAIHS2020 Conference

  • I would like to submit a paper on non-Christian religious masculinities, particularly in the Nation of Islam. I think it would fit well with any number of topics, but other papers on gender or religion may be particularly good matches.

    joseph dot stuart a(t) utah dot edu

  • I would be delighted to form a panel with other scholars whose research is pushing how we define “radical” today, compared to in various historical moments. I am working on a excavating the life of an African American woman who lived in the mid-to-late-19th century, and who both invoked and refuted racial, gender, religious, geographical expectations, in her quest for civil rights. The more I am able to document about her life, the more perplexing some of her choices seem — at least when I consider them through a 21st-century lens. But as a historian, when I try to center my analysis on her perspective, what seems surprising becomes strategically radical. I’m sure there are other scholars who are pondering the “radical” of their subjects, and I’d love to join in a panel conversation in which we offer our own research subjects as exempla to get at this larger theme. Please reach out to lois /at/ loisleveen /dot/ com if you’re interested.

  • I’m looking for scholars/grad students who are working on anything related to the Jewish and African diasporas and intersections of their struggles against racism. Anything related to how WWII and the holocaust influenced Black Radical thought could fit as well. If anyone would be interested in forming a panel, please contact me at

  • Good afternoon. I am personally looking for anyone who wants to create a panel loosely organized around the theme of African-American Claims to Citizenship and U.S. Empire. My own paper would be about Jim Crow and Empire, linking the 1898 Wilmington Massacre to Debates of Imperial Expansion. If there are potential connections that can be made, do not hesitate to email me at


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