Online Forum:10th Anniversary of Black Perspectives Celebration, Part I

January 23, 2024 to February 1, 2024

Black Perspectives, the award-winning blog of the African American Intellectual History Society (AAIHS), is celebrating its 10th Anniversary! On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2014, Christopher Cameron met with blogger Lauren Kientz Anderson to discuss the founding of the AAIHS blog with the goal to “provide a space for scholars in disparate fields to discuss the many aspects of teaching and researching Black intellectual history.” Cameron later collaborated with nearly twenty scholars to research, write, and publish articles for the AAIHS blog that later became a non-profit organization in 2015.

In 2017, Keisha N. Blain, the blog’s first senior editor and Ibram X. Kendi, associate editor, officially rebranded the blog as Black Perspectives. Today, the blog has a roster of over 50 regular contributors and guest authors along with a global readership of nearly 50,000. The two-week-long online forum honoring the founding of the blog begins on Tuesday, January 23, and concludes on Thursday, February 1, 2024. This series will feature a selection of eight articles on race, gender, slavery, revolution, activism, historical memory and commemoration from the early years of the blog by: Patrick Rael; Lindsey E. Jones; Christopher Bonner; Destiny Crockett; Emily England; Guy Emerson Mount; N.D.B. Connolly and Keisha N. Blain; and Ashley Farmer.

During the online forum, Black Perspectives will publish blog posts every day at 5:00 AM EST. Please follow Black Perspectives (@BlkPerspectives) and AAIHS (@AAIHS) on Twitter/X or @AAIHS (@AAIHS23) on Instagram; like AAIHS on Facebook; or subscribe to our blog for updates. By subscribing to Black Perspectives, each new post will automatically be delivered to your inbox during the week of the forum.

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