Yannick Giovanni Marshall

Yannick Giovanni Marshall is an assistant professor of Africana Studies at Knox College. He completed his doctorate in African Studies at Columbia University. His dissertation “The Bleaching Carceral: Police, Native and Location in Nairobi, 1844-1906,” supervised by Dr. Joseph Massad, explores whiteness as police-state. He completed an MA in African American Studies at Columbia’s Institute for Research in African American Studies. His thesis was supervised by Dr. Manning Marable and focused on  the pan-Africanisms of the subaltern. Marshall’s current research interests include police power, colonial sexualities, colonial whiteness, anti-Blackness, urbanity in East Africa and the US, nationalism and ideology, and indigeneity as anti-colonial anarchism before Anarchism. He writes creatively and is a Pan-Africanist. Follow him on Twitter @furtherblack.