Guy Emerson Mount

Guy%20Emerson%20Mount Guy Emerson Mount is currently the Bessie Pierce Prize Preceptor in 19th Century American History at the University of Chicago. His proposed dissertation, “The Last Reconstruction: Race, Nation, and Empire During the Black Colonization to the Philippines,” will examine the relationship between black emancipation and the birth of American overseas empire. He is also working on an article for publication that looks at the competing meanings of emancipation through the interracial marriage of Frederick Douglass and Helen Pitts in 1884. Previously Mr. Mount has written a master thesis analyzing black masculinity, identity, and authenticity through the white-skinned, mixed race body of radical black newspaper editor T. Thomas Fortune. He is also the author of “A Troubled Modernity: W.E.B. Du Bois, ‘The Black Church,’ and the Problem of Causality” that appeared as part of an edited volume published by Palgrave MacMillian in 2013. Mr. Mount frequently shares his thoughts on contemporary politics and popular culture through his Twitter account and can be followed @GuyEmersonMount. His personal webpage at the University of Chicago can be found here:

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