Slavery, New Orleans, and the Counting Blues

By Rashauna Johnson

In “Countin’ the Blues,” Gertrude “Ma” Rainey sings, “Layin’ in my bed with my face turned to the wall…Tryin’ to ...
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Get Out. Photo: Universal Pictures.

Social Death and Insurgent Discourses in Jordan Peele’s “Get Out”

By J. T. Roane

*Editor's Note: This essay contains spoilers* As Jordan Peele’s blockbuster hit Get Out progresses, Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) discovers that ...
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Plenary talk on Abolitionism and Black Intellectual History. Photo: Brandon Byrd/Twitter.

#AAIHS2017: Reflecting on the Past’s Presence 2.0

By Phillip Luke Sinitiere

I recently attended the second annual AAIHS meeting at Vanderbilt University. I had the good fortune to attend the inaugural ...
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Black Women Communists and Pan-Africanism: An Interview with Minkah Makalani

By Richard Mares

In today’s post, Richard Mares, an editorial assistant at Black Perspectives and Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State University, interviews Minkah ...
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Katharine Houghton and Sidney Poitier in "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner." Photo: Columbia Pictures.

Race and Civil Rights Dramas in Hollywood

By Justin Gomer

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Stanley Kramer’s Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, starring the iconic Sidney Poitier. During ...
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Howard University. Photo: HBCU Buzz.

Howard University and the Dream Sequence

By Josh Myers

The idea of “the Dream Sequence” was introduced to me by Howard alum and former professor Acklyn Lynch, a figure ...
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